Free Shipping, Shipping Times, and Packaging

All orders are shipped within 3-5 business days (Mon-Fri) of ordering, no exceptions. As of right now, we proudly offer free shipping to all customers worldwide, with valid tracking numbers.

Every print is carefully packed in shipping tubes to ensure that even the most reckless of shipping care, will ensure the print arrives safely and in pristine condition.

For US Customers, shipping times average at 2-5 days, international orders can average 5-20 days, depending on location and remoteness (Canada and Europe being much faster on average).

Please note to non-US international customers, each and every country is different and may not support order tracking once it has arrived in county. For all US customers, tracking is valid until delivery. 

Additional note to non-US international customers, Customs fees may apply depending on the country of origin and would be payable by the purchaser. Additionally, each and every counties customs office has different processing times and can add an additional 2 weeks to delivery (although very rare).